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You have an investment in your radio, save money and keep your rig sounding loud and proud! Having dealt with all types, makes, and models we are more than well prepared to get your radio talking like you need it. PM Electronics specializes in CB Sales and Repair as well as custom modifications. This includes repairing radios to factory specifications, tuning and installing aftermarket modifications including echo “connex boards”, sound toys and heavy duty final power upgrades. We also offer a complete line of CB radios, microphones, accessories and custom antenna’s for every application including installation kits for those do it yourself types.

– We have many radios, antennas and other accessories in stock.
– We can offer product selection help for those new to CB or HAM radios.
– We truly accommodate each and every customer with personal one-on-one support.
– Take a look at our many options for CB antennas, HAM radios and CB radios for sale.